The class of 2021-2022 graduates were visibly excited to finally have as well the opportunity to be confirmed as having achieved and met the requirements. The Mmabatho Convention Centre became the centre of attention as onlookers and passers-by were looking at Men and Women dressed to the nines. Equally for them like the previous graduates it would be a moment to be savoured for a lifetime. Based on the contagious levels of elation exhibited by all witnessing the spectacle, it became obvious that for many it marked a first in their homesteads to ascend the stage, a proud moment it was.

This time around the tradition was restored to how graduation ceremonies a held, a noticeable contrast from the Covid-19 regulated “Stage-Run” that warranted newer and innovative ways of doing things to prevent more spreading of the virus. Apprentices, Entrepreneurs, Clerks, Cooks and Chefs, Farmers and various disciplines in-waiting had made it.

It was a moment for the college to reflect and measure itself against its mandate of growing a sufficiently skilled human capital towards an empowered and better future! Lecturers, who continue to shine and give of themselves by imparting skill and knowledge to the students, and where applicable doing so together with the help of interpreters, make it work even for those students who live with disabilities. The College Student Support Officers across the college landscape (3 campus sites – Mahikeng/Lichtenburg/Lehurutshe) leave no stone unturned to offer support including but not limited to Financial Aid(Nsfas) amongst others.