The town of Lehurutshe is a township with no central business or industrial centres, The small businesses that are currently operating in the area are mostly one-man enterprises. These small enterprises do not create efficient job opportunities for the community and most of its inhabitants must find work in nearby towns.

The campus was previously a college of education where technical and business studies educators were trained. The campus offers training opportunities to some of the very remote rural areas within theNgaka Modiri Molema District. The campus has hostel facilities that can accommodate up to 380 students.

The Lehurutshe Campus and The Mafikeng Campus have been offering end-user computing to 400 learners at NQF Level 3. This is done in partnership with the municipalities, the ISETT-SETA andSPL Communications.


Location:  Lehurutshe Unit 3, Lehurutshe, 2880

Contact: 018 363 3411